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2023 TRB Presentations

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides leadership in transportation improvements and innovation through trusted, timely, impartial, and evidence-based information exchange, research, and advice regarding all modes of transportation. For example, committees, researchers, and staff are currently focused on advancing resilient infrastructure, exploring transformational technology, and caring for the public’s health and safety. The TRB Annual Meeting is the largest global gathering of transportation professionals and researchers with a focus on innovative solutions for all modes of transportation.

The TRB’s 102nd Annual Meeting was held in person January 8-12, 2023 in Washington, D.C. The event attracted thousands of transportation professionals from around the world.

This year’s meeting program covered all transportation modes, with sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions.

A number of sessions and workshops focused on the spotlight theme for the 2023 meeting: Rejuvenation Out of Disruption: Envisioning a Transportation System for a Dynamic Future

ATI was a bronze sponsor of this year’s meeting and researchers from the Alabama Transportation Institute had a strong presence at the 2023 conference in presentations and poster sessions.

ATI researchers also participated heavily in TRB Standing Committees. Almost all serve as a member or friend on several of the various committees. 

Find information on specific event dates and times and read abstracts for each paper by searching the corresponding event number in the TRB 2023 Online Program.

Paper TitleAuthorsEventEvent #
A Branch-cut-and-price Algorithm for the Dial-a-ride Problem with Minimum Disease-transmission RiskShuocheng Guo, Iman Dayarian, XInwu Qian, Jian LiTransportation Service Models, Networks, and Scheduling2054
Understanding Active Transportation Accessibility’s Impacts on Polycentric and Monocentric Cities’ Housing PriceXinghua Li, Ziqi Yang, Yuntao Guo, XInwu Qian, Wei WangGeographic Information Science Research2040
Audio Analytics-based Human Trafficking Detection Framework for Autonomous VehiclesSagar Dasgupta, Kazi Shakib, Mizanur Rahman, Silvana V Croope, Steven JonesThrough a Gender Lens: Travel Behavior and Workforce Development2052
Envisioning Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) for 193 Small and Mediumsized Urban Areas in the United States: The Roles of Road Network and Regional Travel DemandJun Liu, Xinwu Qian,  Shuocheng Guo, Zihe Zhang, Chenxuan Yang, Steven JonesHow Automated Vehicles Could Advance Mobility2027
Real-time Traffic Incident Detection on Freeways Using Crowdsourced Probe Vehicle Data: A Deep Learning ApproachZihe Zhang, Qifan Nie, Jun Liu, Xing Fu, Alex Hainen, Steven JonesFreeway Operation 20232035
Crash Severity Analysis of Single-Vehicle Rollover Crashes in Namibia: A Mixed Logit with Heterogeneity in Means and Variances ApproachCailis Bullard, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Jun Liu, Steven JonesTruck and Bus Safety Research2099
DTSUMO: A “Digital Twin” Traffic Simulation Tool for Network-Wide Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and ManagementXing Fu, Weike Lu, Jun Liu, Alex HainenVisualization of 3D Assets for Transportation Planning2065
A Comprehensive View of Factors Influencing Child Passenger Safety in GhanaCailis Bullard, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, William Agyemang, Steven JonesOccupant Protection Posters2150
Are First Responders Prepared for Electric Vehicle Fires? A National SurveyJun Liu, Ningzhe Xu, Yangming Shi, Timothy Barnett, Steven JonesIncident Response and Roadside Safety2160
Analysis of First Responder-Involved Traffic Incidents by Mining News ReportsChenxuan Yang, Jun Liu, Xiaobing Li, Timothy BarnettIncident Response and Roadside Safety2160
Incident Response Personnel’s Compliance and Non-compliance to Recommended Safety Countermeasures and ProtocolsPraveena Penmetsa, Ph.D. Chenxuan Yang Jun Liu, Ph.D. Timothy Barnett, P.E. Leon Villavicencio, Lindsay ArnoldIncident Response and Roadside Safety2160
Reinforcement Learning based Cyberattack Model for Adaptive Traffic Signal Controller in Connected Transportation SystemsMuhammad Sami Irfan, Mizanur Rahman, Travis Atkison, Sagar Dasgupta, Alexander HainenCyber Resilience in Transportation2160
The Relationship between Traffic Incident Responders’ Safety Experience and Countermeasure Adoption: A Machine Learning Study Based on the National SurveyJun Liu, Chexuan Yang, Alex Hainen, Timothy Barnett, Praveena PenmetsaIncident Response and Roadside Safety2160
Intracity heavy-duty truck stop identification using multiday large-scale trajectory dataXinghua Li, Tianzuo Wang, Jieru Zou, Yuntao Guo, XInwu QianTruck Parking: Emerging Methods and Practices2142
A Preliminary Look at the Impacts of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) on Local Accessibility in 367 Small Urbanized Areas in the United StatesChenxuan Yang, Jun Liu, Sophie Menner, Xinwu Qian, Steven JonesCurrent Issues in Aviation2217
Analysis of factors that influence injury severity of single-and multi-vehicle crashes involving at-fault older driversRichard Dzinyela, Emmanuel Kofi AdanuRoad User Training and Education Across the Life Span2170
Crash Severity Analysis of In-State and Out-of-State Large Truck Crashes in Alabama: A Random Parameter Multinomial Logit with Heterogeneity in Means and Variances ApproachSunday Okafor, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Steven JonesTruck Safety Problem Identification and Analysis Approach2173
Linking Ride-hailing Behaviors and Interest in Shared Autonomous Vehicles: A Machine Learning-Supported Path Analysis on Travel surveySophie Menner, Jun Liu, Chenxuan Yang, Steven JonesAnalysis and Modeling of Shared, Emerging, and Micromobility2208
Linking short- and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel behavior in Alabama: A machine learning-supported path analysisNingzhe Xu,  Qifan Nie, Jun Liu Steven JonesStudies on COVID-19 Impacts: Pre-, During, and Post-Pandemic Travel Behavior2209
Do First Responders Trust Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)? A National SurveyJun Liu, Ningzhe Xu, Yangming Shi, Mizanur Rahman, Timothy Barnett, Steven JonesVehicle-Highway Automation 2023, Part 22229
Modeling the Electric Shared Mobility Drivers’ Charging Station PreferenceYuntao Guo, XInwu Qian, Tian Lei, Shuocheng Guo, Lei GongBeyond Adoption of Electric Vehicles3027
Revisiting the Roles of Speeds in Traffic Crashes: A Geospatial Modeling StudyChenxuan Yang, Jun Liu, Cong Chen, Steven JonesTransportation Safety Management Systems from Start to Finish3149
A Comprehensive Analysis of Bicyclists Crash Severity contributing Factors at Intersection and Mind-block Locations using Random Parameter ModelsRichard Dzinyela, Bahar Dadashova, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Lord DominiqueSafety Impacts of Road Users Including Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Others3196
Behavioral Pathway Analysis of Pedestrian Injury Severity in Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle CrashesSunday Okafor, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Jun Liu, Steven JonesSafety Impacts of Road Users Including Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Others3196
Factors Influencing Poor Accessibility of Persons with Disability in Bangladesh: Insights from Key Informant InterviewsMd Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya, Jun Liu, Md Musleh Uddin Hasan, Steven JonesInnovation in Accessible Transportation and Mobility3207
The Role of the Built Environment in Traffic Signal and Stop Sign Violation Crashes: A Hierarchical Modeling ApproachMd Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya, Jun Liu, Steven Jones, Qifan NieSpeed, Signals, and Enforcement: Improving Safety and Reducing Crashes3164
Young Professionals’ Insights Into Organizations of the FutureTrayce HockstadLeaders’ Dialogue: Readying Organizations for Future Policy, Legal, & Organizational Issues3169
Assessing the Risk and Impact of Dam Failure Via Pluvial Monitoring System: An Operational Resilience ApproachJunho Song, Felipe Simoyama, Silvana CroopeCritical Infrastructure Protection3208
Analysis of Left and Right Run-Off-Road Single Vehicle Crash Severity using Random Parameter Ordered Logit Model Sunday Okafor, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Abhay Lidbe, Steven JonesA Fresh Look at Crash Characteristics3216
Quantifying the Network-Wide Traffic Efficiency-Safety Relationship: A Case Study of Evaluating Mixed Urban Traffic Flows with Human-Driven and Connected and Automated VehiclesXiwen Lou, Guojing Hu, Jun Liu, Weike Lu, Wenjuan E, Qifan NieTraffic Flow Theory, Part 2: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles3212
Transportation Needs Assessment for Rural Communities: A Case of Pickens County, AlabamaRiffat Islam, Olga Bredikhina, Muhammad Sami Irfan, Khadiza Tul Jannat, Steven JonesPerformance Assessment of Rural On-Demand Transit Services3209
An Overview of State and Federal Data Privacy LegislationJustin Fisher and Trayce HockstadLegal Resources4028
Incident Response Personnel and Countermeasures Adoption: Lessons Learned from Focus Group InterviewsPraveena Penmetsa, Ph.D., Chenxuan Yang, Jun Liu, Ph.D., Timothy Barnett, P.E., PTOE, RSP, Xiaobing LiEmergency Case Study and Human Behaviors4035
Examining dynamic accessibility to healthcare services in Shanghai: A perspective of spatial equityXinghua Li, Wei Xu, XInwu Qian, Ziqi Yang, Yuntao GuoEnhancing Our Knowledge of Transportation as a Social Determinant of Health4033
A Collaborative Research Model for Interdisciplinary Engagement of the Transportation Workforce to Conduct the United Against Slavery National Outreach Survey for TransportationChris Baglin, Deb Niemeier, Megan Lundstrom, Silvana Croope, Matthew Hudnall, Kristen Joyner, Ronald Perrilloux, Christi WigleEmerging Topics in Transit Research and Operations4037
Long Short Term Memory Based Lane Change Prediction Using Waymo Open Motion Dataset: The Role of Vehicle Operating SpaceXing Fu, Jun Liu, Zhitong Huang, Alex Hainen, Asad KhattakInformation Systems and Technology4063
Investigating the Impacts of Property Walking Accessbility on Housing Affordability and Equity: Evidence from Shanghai, ChinaXinghua Li, Ziqi Yang, Yuntao Guo, XInwu Qian, Wei WangEquitable Access and Travel Costs4071
Modeling False Data Injection Attacks in the Electric Shared Mobility SystemShuocheng Guo, Hanlin Chen, XInwu Qian, Mizanur RahmanCybersecurity Challenges in Emerging Transportation Technology4075
The Spatiotemporal Varying Impacts of Station Accessibility on Regular and Irregular Subway Station User BehaviorXinghua Li, Guanhua XIng, Yuntao Guo, Xinwu Qian, Cheng Cheng, Wei WangGeneral Research into Urban Rail Transit Operations and Design4073