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Reports & Publications

ATI-affiliated faculty and center personnel generate myriad publications related to transportation, from special studies to policy-focused reports to peer-reviewed journal articles. The listings below can be searched by keyword (title & author name) or sorted by column. New publications will be added quarterly.

Title Authors Date
2018 Transportation Midterm Election ResultsMozayen, B.2019-09
A g to a type transition of CuO species over CeO2-SiO2 composites supported CuO catalystsHossain, St.T., Zell, E.T., Balaz, S., Wang, R.2019-06
A low-cost approach to identify hazard curvature for local road networks using open-source dataHu, Q., Li, X., Liu, J., Adanu, E.K.2021-06
A Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Approach to Evaluating Performance of Regional Traffic ControlsLu, W., Liu, J., Mao, J., Hu, G., Chu,C., Liu. L.2019-12
A predictive 0-D HCCI combustion model for ethanol, natural gas, gasoline, and primary reference fuel blendsZhou, Y., Hariharan, D., Yang, R., Mamalis, S., Lawler, B.2018-10
A spatial analysis of the ownership of alternative fuel and hybrid vehiclesLiu, J., Khattak, A.J., Li, X., Fu, X.2019-11
A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Motorcyclist Injury Severity: Implications from 20 Years’ Traffic Crashes in PennsylvaniaLi, X., Liu, J., Zhang, Z., Parrish, A. Jones, S.2021-03
Activation Energy of Conduction for Use in Temperature Corrections on Electrical Measurements of ConcreteCoyle, A., Spragg, R., Suraneni, P., Amirkhanian, A., Tsui-Chang, M., Weiss, W.2019-11
ADAS Evaluation: Analysis of ADAS Lane Departure Warning (LDW)Brown, D. B.2020-10
Addressing Alabama’s Transportation Infrastructure: Roads and BridgesAdanu, K., Borowiec, J., Ellis, D., Glover, B., Hainen, A., Hudnall, M., Huntsman, B., Ijaz, A., Koeneman, P., Kuzio, J., Lidbe, A., Liu, J., Lomax, T., McNamara, M., Nambisan, S., Penmetsa, P., Polunsky, S., Schrank, D., Smyth, J., Steadman, M., Tedla, E., Turner, D., Wang, T. A., Wang, T.2019-01
Alabama Road Bid Bundling AuthorityFisher, J.2019-10
An Analysis of the Effects of Crash Factors and Precrash Actions on Side Impact Crashes at Unsignalized IntersectionsAdanu, E.K., Li, X., Liu, J., Jones, S.2021-04
An analytical assessment of freeway service patrol on incident clearance times.Islam, N., Hainen, A., Burdette, S., Jones, S., Smith, R.2021-07
An Assessment of Alabama’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Policies: Identiyfing Gaps and NeedsBredikhina, O., Fisher, J., Mozayen, B., Rafique, S., Wheeler, M.2020-01
An integrated spatio-temporal analysis of emergency medical service response characteristics for stroke events across AlabamaLi, X., Hu, Q., Gregg, A.2021-03
Analysis of Distracted Driving in Alabama 2012-2016 DataBrown, D. B.2017-06
Analysis of Fatal Crashes in CY2016 as Compared to CY2014Brown, D. B.2017-08
Analysis of Motorcycle Caused and Motorcycle Victim Crashes CY2010-2014 DataBrown, D. B.2015-10
Analysis of Speed-Related Crashes in CY2012-2016Brown, D. B.2017-09
Analysis of the Most Critical Factors in Young (16-20 Year Old) Driver-Caused Vehicle CrashesBrown, D. B.2017-10
Analysis of Vehicle Defective Brakes and TiresBrown, D. B.2020-02
ANN-based dynamic modulus models of asphalt mixtures with similar input variables as Hirsch and Witczak modelsJavilla, B., Armen A., Feipeng., Serji A2020-08
Are young Americans carless across the United States? A spatial analysisLiu, J., Nambisan, S., Li, X., Fu, X.2019-12
Assessing the impact of injector included angle and piston geometry on thermally stratified compression ignition with wet ethanolGainey, B., Gohn, J., Hariharan, D., Rahimi-Boldaji, M., Lawler, B.2020-01
Atom probe tomography of an alkali activated fly ash concreteAtolo, T., Tyler, K., Charles, W., Paul, A., Gregory B., Armen, A.2019-04
Autonomous Vehicle Definitions in SEC StatesTransportation Policy Research Center2019-06
Autonomous Vehicles: Overview of Federal and Alabama Statute and RegulationBredikhina, O.2019-11
Bayesian Approach to Developing Context-Based Crash Modification Factors for Medians on Rural Four-Lane RoadwaysLi, X., Liu, J., Yang, C., Barnett, T.2021-04
Behavior of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) During Laser Direct Energy Deposition of an Inconel 625-YSZ CermetRao, H., Oleksak, R., Favara, K., Maurice, D., Harooni, A., Dutta, B.2019-11
Behavioral pathways in bicycle-motor vehicle crashes: From contributing factors, pre-crash actions, to injury severitiesLiu, J. Jones, S., Adanu, E., Li, X.2021-06
Bicyclist injury severity in traffic crashes: A spatial approach for geo-referenced crash data to uncover non-stationary correlatesLiu, J., Khattak, A., Li, X., Nie, Q., Ling, Z.2020-02
Bridging the Know-Do Gap in African Road Safety – Some ThoughtsJones, S., Carlson, C., Sumner-Jones, F., Musoni, O.2021-04
CARE IMPACT Study of Age 0-15 Year Old OccupantsBrown, D. B.2019-07
CARE IMPACT Study of COVID vs Normal TimesBrown, D. B.2020-07
CARE IMPACT Study of Drowsy Driving (DrD)Brown, D. B.2020-01
CARE IMPACT Study of Failure to Yield and Ran (FtY)Brown, D. B.2020-06
CARE IMPACT Study of Railroad Involved CrashesBrown, D. B.2020-06
CARE IMPACT Study of Senior Driver Caused Traffic CrashesBrown, D. B.2018-05
CARE IMPACT Study of Traffic Crashes Involving Aggressive DrivingBrown, D. B.2018-06
CARE IMPACT Study of Traffic Crashes Involving PedestriansBrown, D. B.2018-08
CARE IMPACT Study of Young Drivers (5-15 Years) of ATVs, Bicycles and MotorcyclesBrown, D. B.2019-08
CARE Water Buildup Hotspot AnalysisBrown, D.B., Norris, J.-0001-12
CARE Weather-Fatality Relationship Update Applied to 2016 and 2018 DataBrown, D. B.2019-06
CARE Wet Pavement Interstate Hotspot AnalysisBrown, D. B.-0001-12
Catalytic partial oxidation reformation of diesel, gasoline, and natural gas for use in low temperature combustion enginesHariharan, D., Yang, R., Zhou, Y., Gainey, B., Mamalis, S., Smith, R. E., Modroukas, D.2019-03
CeO2 nanorods supported M-Co bimetallic oxides (M=Fe, Ni, Cu) for catalytic CO and C3H8 oxidationLiu, Z., Li, J., Wang, R.2018-12
Characterization of Fatigue Behavior of Al-Li Alloy 2099Cisko, A.R., Jordon, J.B., Avery, D.Z., McClelland, Z.B., Liu, T., Rushing, T.W., Brewer, L.N., Allison, P.G., Garcia, L.2019-03
Comparing Global Spray Combustion Characteristics and Local Shot-to-Shot Variations in a Reacting n-Heptane SprayReggeti, S. A., Parker, A., Wanstall, C. T., Agrawal, A. K., and Bittle, J. A2021-09
Connecting urban transportation systems with the spread of infectious diseases: A Trans-SEIR modeling approach.Qian, X., Ukkusuri, S. V.2021-02
Considerations for Optimal Traffic Safety AllocationBrown, D. B.2014-10
Control Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicle based on Online Driving Pattern ClassificationYao, Z., Yoon, H.S.2019-12
Coronavirus Effects on TransportationPolunsky, S.2020-03
COVID Fatal Crash SummaryBrown, D. B.2020-10
Crack Segmentation through deep convolutional neural networks with heterogeneous image fusionZhou, S., Song, W.2021-05
Development of an Automation Adoption Readiness Index for Quality Management: A Focus on Highway ConstructionOgunrinde, O.*, Nnaji, C., Amirkhanian, A.2021-03
Direct Recycling of Machine Chips Through a Novel Solid-State Additive Manufacturing ProcessJordon, J.B., Allison, P.G., Phillips, B.J., Avery, D.Z., Kinser, R.P., Brewer, L.N., Cox, C., Doherty, K.2020-06
Distribution and valence state of Ru species on CeO2 supports: support shape effect and its influence on CO OxidationLi, J., Liu, Z., Cullen, D.A., Hu, W., Huang, J., Liao, P., Wang, R.2019-10
Do Larger Sample Sizes Increase the Reliability of Traffic Incident Duration Models? A Case Study of East Tennessee Incidents.Zhang, Z., Liu, J., Li, X., Khattak, A.2021-02
Do NHTSA vehicle safety ratings affect side impact crash outcomes?Lidbe, A., Penmetsa, P., Wang, T., Kofi Adanu, E., Nambisan, S.2020-06
Duplicating Nodes or Arcs in Green Vehicle Routing: A Computational Comparison of Two FormulationsKoyuncu, I., Yavuz, M.2019-01
EBSD Analysis of the Primary Austenite Grains in Lamellar Graphite Cast IronLópez, M.G., Brewer, L.N., Massonea, J.M., Boeria2019-05
Effect of Heat Treatment of the Al-Cu Feedstock Powers for Cold Spray DepositionLiu, T., Story, W.A., Brewer, L.N.2019-07
Effect of Tensile Mean Strain on Fatigue Behavior of Al-Li Alloy 2099Rutherford, B.A., Cisko, A.R., Allison, P.G., Jordon, J.B.2020-08
Effects of honeycomb core damage on the performance of composite sandwich structuresKing, W.T., Guin, W.E., Jordon, J.B., Barkey, M.E., Allison, P.G.2018-12
Effects of the autonomous vehicle crashes on public perception of the technologyPenmetsa, P., Sheinidashtegol, P., Musaev, A., Adanu, E., Hudnall, M.2021-06
Electron Microscopy Investigation of CeO2 nanofibers supported noble metalLiu, Z., Lu, Y., Li, J., Wang, Y., Wujcik, E.K., Wang, R.2018-12
Electronic crash reporting: Implementation of the Model Minimum Uniform crash Criteria (MMUCC) and crash record life cycle comparison.Nie, Q., Crawford, P.S., Bill, A., Parker, S.P., Graettinger, A., Smith, R.K., Elliot, T.B., Paschal, E. N.2021-03
Empowering Compartmental Modeling with Mobility and Shelter-In-Place AnalysisRamezani, S.B., Rahimi, S., Amirlatifi, A., Hudnall, M., Pate, J., Parrish, A., Penmetsa, P., Qian, X.2021-04
Evaluation of ANN-Based Dynamic Modulus Models of Asphalt MixturesBarugahare, J., Amirkhanian, A.N., Xiao, F., Amirkhanian, S.N2021-06
Experimental study of lean spark ignition combustion using gasoline, ethanol, natural gas, and syngasRan, Z., Hariharan, D., Lawler, B., Mamalis, S.2018-08
Experimental study of the effect of start of injection and blend ratio on single fuel reformate RCCIHariharan, D., Gainey, B., Yan, Z., Mamalis, S., Lawler, B.2019-10
Experiments and Modeling of Fatigue Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Lithium AlloyCisko, A., Jordon, J.B., Avery, D., Liu, T., Brewer, L.N., Allison, P.G., Carino, R., Hammi, Y., Rushing, T., Garcia, L.2019-03
Exploring the Potential of Ethanol, CNG, and Syngas as Fuels for Lean Spark-Ignition Combustion: An Experimental StudyRan, Z., Hariharan, D., Lawler, B., Mamalis, S.2019-11
Factors associated with driver injury severity of lane changing crashes involving younger and older driversAdanu, E.K., Lidbe, A., Tedla, E. and Jones, S.2021-01
Fatigue behaviour of fastener holes in high‐strength aluminium plates repaired by cold spray depositionWhite, B., Story, W., Brewer, L., Jordon, J.B.2019-10
Feasibility Assessment for Implementing Adaptive Traffic Signal ControlLidbe A.D., Tedla E.G., Hainen A.M., Jones S.L.Jr2020-09
Flow Measurements inside a Rotating Detonation CombustorTobias, J. R, Miller, R.S., Agrawal, A.K.2020-08
Fracture Mechanics Methods for Evaluating the Adhesion of Cold Spray DepositsWhite, B., Story, W.A., Brewer, L.N., Jordon, J.B.2018-11
Fuel consumption for various driving styles in conventional and hybrid electric vehicles: Integrating driving cycle predictions with fuel consumption optimizationRios-Torres, J., Liu, J., Khattak, A.2018-06
Fuel economy gaps within and across garages: A bivariate random parameters seemingly unrelated regression approachWali, B., Khattak, A. J., Greene, D. L., Liu, J.2018-09
Full-scale experimental investigation on stagger effect of segmental tunnel linings. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology Incorporating Trenchless Technology ResearchLiu, X., Zhang, Y., Bao, Y.2020-05
Full-scale test of a steel moment-resisting frame with composite floor under a penultimate edge column removal scenarioWang, J., Wang, W., Bao, Y., Lehman, D2019-08
Game Approach to Vulnerability Analysis of Evacuation Highway NetworksLu, W., Wang, F., Bu, L., Liu. L.2018-12
Gas Tax Alternatives: Mileage-Based User FeesBredikhina, O., Fisher, J., Mozayen, B., Wheeler, M.2019-10
HB 103 Compared to Proceeding through Red Light lawsTransportation Policy Research Center2019-05
How much information is lost when sampling driving behavior data? Indicators to quantify the extent of information lossLiu, J., Khattak, A., Han, L., Yuan, Q.2020-01
Identification of Factors Associated with Road Crashes Among Functionally Classified Transport Modes in NamibiaAdanu, E., Jones, S., Odero, K.2020-01
Impact of high-level controller actions on local active end-nodes in a distribution gridS. Rahman, E. Y. Ucer, M. Kisacikoglu2021-02
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Electric VehicleFisher, J.2020-06
Impaired Driving Special IMPACT StudyBrown, D. B.2017-12
Improving the controllability of partial fuel stratification at low boost levels by applying a double late injection strategyYan, Z., Gainey, B., Hariharan, D., Lawler, B.2019-11
Incorporating Systems Thinking Approach in a Multilevel Framework for Human-Centered Crash AnalysisAdanu, E., Penmetsa, P., Wood, D. Jones, S.2019-10
Influence of Alloy Additions on the Microstructure, Texture and Hardness Of Low-Pressure Cold Sprayed Al-Cu AlloysLiu, T., Leazer, J.D.,Bannister, H., Story, W.A., Bouffard, B.D., Brewer, L.N.2019-04
Informed Decision-Making by Integrating Historical On-road Driving Performance Data in High-Resolution Maps for Connected and Automated VehiclesLiu, J., Khattak, A.2019-12
Injury Severity and Contributing Driver Actions in Passenger Vehicle–Truck CollisionsXu, J., Wali, B., Li, X. Yang, J.2019-09
Injury-Severity analysis of commercial motor vehicle crashes involving lane changesAdanu, E.K., Lidbe, A., Tedla, E., Jones, S2021-02
Interdiffusion Induced High Coercivity of Rare-earth Free Alnico/Pt Thin FilmsYan, F.2020-09
Interdiffusion Induced High Coercivity of Rare-earth Free Alnico/Pt Thin FilmsYan, F.2021-02
Investigating Personally Identifiable Information Posted on Twitter Before and After DisastersSheinidashtegol, P., Musaev, A., Atkison, T.2019-06
Investigation of facial B2O3 surface modification effect on the cycling stability and high-rate capacity of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathodeLi, J., Liu, Z., Wang, Y., Wang, R.2020-04
Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean that we can’t go thereHarms, P.D., Wood, D., DeSimone, J.A.2018-12
Large Truck and Bus Analysis for the State of Alabama Data: 2011-2015Alabama Department of Transportation, The University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety2017-11
Long-span hybrid precast concrete bridge girder using Ultra High-Performance Concrete and normal concreteRonanki, V. S., Aaleti, S., Binard, J.2019-11
Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Thin-Sheet Extruded Aluminum AlloyAvery, D.Z., King, W., Allison, P.G., Jordon, J.B.2020-01
Low-Profile, Vehicle Roof-Top Mounted Broadband Antenna for V2X,” 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science MeetingLee, M.W., Jeong, N.S.2019-12
Low-temperature synthesis of cubic phase Li7La3Zr2O12 via sol-gel and ball milling induced phase transitionLi, J., Liu, Z., Ma,W., Dong, H., Zhang, K., Wang, R.2019-02
Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Based Discrete Transportation Network DesignHu, G., Lu, W., Wang, F., Whalin, R. W.2020-01
Managing Load Congestion in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations under Power Demand UncertaintyQuddus, A., Yavuz, M., Marufuzzaman, M., Usher, J.2019-02
Metal-support interactions in CeO2 and SiO2 supported cobalt catalysts: effect of support morphology, reducibility and interfacial configurationLiu, Z., Li, J., Buettner,M., Ranganatha, R.V., Uddi, M., Wang, R.2019-04
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Shear Material Deposition of Rare Earth Magnesium Alloys WE43McClelland, Z., Avery, D.Z., Williams, M.B., Mason, C.J.T., Rivera, O.G., Leah, C., Allison, P.G., Jordon, J.B., Martens, R.L., Hardwick, N.2018-12
Microstructure-deformation relationship of additive friction stir-deposition Al–Mg–SiMaterialiaPhillips, B.J., Avery, D.Z., Liu, T.,Rodriguez, O.L.,Mason, C.J.T., Allison, P.G., Jordon, J.B., Brewer, L.N.2019-06
Mitigating the Problem of Young Driver Risk-TakingBrown, D. B.2019-09
Modeling and Analysis of a Fast Charging Station and Evaluation of Service Quality for Electric VehiclesUcer, E., Koyuncu, I., Kisacikoglu, M., Yavuz, M., Meintz, A., Rames, C.2019-03
Modeling and Control of a Planetary Compound System under External Magnetic LoadCandelino, N., Jalili, N., Jiang, N., Brassitos, E.2020-02
Old and Young PoliticiansAlesina, A., Troiano, U., Cassidy, T.2019-02
Overview of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Incentive Structures in SEC StatesBredikhina, O., Fisher, J., Mozayen, B., Rafique, S.2019-08
Overview of Highway Construction Cost ComparisonsBredikhina, O., Fisher, J., Jordan, G., Mozayen, B., Wheeler, M.2020-01
Overview of Rail Freight Movement in AlabamaRafique, S.2020-02
Overview of Truck Freight Movement in AlabamaRafique, S.2020-06
Parking Infrastructure FinanceHockstad, T.2020-04
Particle Deformation and Microstructure Evolution During Cold Spray Of Individual Al-Cu Alloy Powder ParticlesLiu, T., Leazer, J.D., Brewer, L.N.2019-02
Pathway analysis of relationships among community development, active travel behavior, body mass index, and self-rated healthLi, X., Hu, Q., Liu, J., Nambisan, S., Khattak, A. J., Lidbe, A., Lee, H. Y.2021-01
Pedestrian injury severity in motor vehicle crashes: an integrated spatio-temporal modeling approachJun, L., Hainen, A., Li, X., Nie, Q., Nambisan, S.2019-08
Pedestrian-bus route and pickup location optimization for planning evacuation under bus resource constraintsLu, W., Wang, F., Liu, L., Hu, G., Mao, J.2019-12
Perceptions and Expectations of Autonomous Vehicles – A Snapshot of Vulnerable Road User OpinionPenmetsa, P. Adanu, E., Wood, D., Wang, T. Jones, S.2019-03
Physiological Closed-Loop Control (PCLC) Systems: Review of a Modern Frontier in AutomationKhodaei, M. J., Candelino, N., Mehrvarz, A., Jalili, N.2020-02
Planning Airways for Urban Air Mobility in Small Cities: A Case Study of Tuscaloosa, AlabamaYang, C., Lu., W., Liu, J., Jones, I.2021-01
Policy Research Brief: Key Transportation Legislation of 2019Fisher, J.2019-03
Port Funding Opportunities for AlabamaHockstad, T.2020-06
Predicting the dynamic modulus of hot mix asphalt mixtures using bagged trees ensembleBarugahare, J., Amirkhanian, A., Xiao, F, Amirkhanian, S.2020-08
Quality Management Technologies in Highway Construction: Stakeholders’ Perception of Utility, Benefits, and BarriersOgunrinde, O.*, Nnaji, C., Amirkhanian, A.2021-02
Quantifying Bonding Characteristics between UHPC and Normal-Strength Concrete for Bridge Deck ApplicationAaleti, S., Sritharan, S.2018-12
Rainbow Schlieren Imaging of Density Field in the Exhaust Flow of Rotating Detonation CombustionMiller, R., Tobias, J., Depperschmidt, D., Bell, K., Langner, D. Agrawal, A.K.2019-08
Relationships between personality facets and accident involvement among truck driversLanday, K., Wood, D., Harms, P.D., Ferrell, B., Nambisan, S.2019-11
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 16Brown, D. B.2020-06
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 17Brown, D. B.2020-07
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 18Brown, D. B.2020-07
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 19Brown, D. B.2020-07
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 21Brown, D. B.2020-07
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 23Brown, D. B.2020-08
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 25Brown, D. B.2020-08
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 27Brown, D. B.2020-09
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 31Brown, D. B.2020-10
Response of Various Crash Types to COVID Quarantine: Week 35Brown, D. B.2020-11
Response of Various Traffic Sectors to COVID Quarantine: Week 15Brown, D. B.2020-06
Restraint Issues Problem IdentificationBrown, D. B.2018-10
Rheological and Interaction Analysis of Asphalt Binder, Mastic and Mortar. MaterialsChen, M., Javilla, B., Hong, W., Pan, C., Riara, M., Mo, L., Guo, M2019-01
Road crashes in Namibia: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable developmentJones, S., Odero, K., Adanu, E.2019-09
Roadway Lighting StudyBrown, D. B.2014-11
Roadway Weather Data Implementation for Improved Transportation Decision MakingMyers, Laura-0001-12
Role of Bike Share Programs in Transit-Oriented Development: The Case of Birmingham, AlabamaGlass, C., Appiah-Opoku, S., Weber, J., Jones, S., Chan, A., Oppong, J.2019-12
Ruthenium diffusion on different CeO2 surfaces: support shape effectLi, J., Liu, Z., Cullen, D.A., Wang, R.2018-12
SB 262 Compared to Animals in Vehicles Laws in SEC StatesTransportation Policy Research Center2019-06
Scaling of contact networks for epidemic spreading in urban transit systemsQian, X., Sun, L., Ukkusuri, S. V.2021-02
Scooter Laws by StateTransportation Policy Research Center2019-06
Seat Belt Laws by StateTransportation Policy Research Center2019-06
Segregation Phenomena During Deposition of Functionally Graded Zirconia-Based Ceramics With Stellite 21 on a Steel SubstrateRao, H., Jayasekara, I., Dutta, B., Maurice, D.2019-12
Senior Driver Lighting IssuesBrown, D. B.2020-11
Sequential Prediction for Large-Scale Traffic Incident Duration: Application and Comparison of Survival ModelsLi, X., Liu, J., Khattak, A., Nambisan, S.2019-12
Single-fuel reactivity-controlled compression ignition through catalytic partial oxidation reformation of diesel fuelHariharan, D., Boldaji, M. R., Yan, Z., Mamalis, S., Lawler, B.2019-12
Spatio-temporal evolution and influencing mechanism of the COVID-19 epidemic in Shandong province, ChinaShi, J., Gao, X., Xue, S., Li, F., Nie, Q., Lv, Y., Wang, J., Xu, T., Du, G., Li, G.2021-04
State Department of Transportation OversightFisher, J.2019-09
Structural Stress Method to Evaluate Fatigue Properties of Similar and Dissimilar Self-Piercing Riveted JointsRao, H.M., Kang, J., Huff, G., Avery, K.2019-03
Summary of 2020 Regular Session Transportation LegislationFisher, J., Hockstad, T.2020-05
Summary Report: Analysis of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB); City (CAEB); High-Speed (HAEB)Brown, D.B., Penmetsa, P. 2020-11
Summary: 2019 Urban Mobility Report on Alabama CitiesBredikhina, O.2019-09
Summary: Reason Report on Alabama RoadsBredikhina, O.2019-09
Survey of Surveys (SoS) – Mapping the Landscape of Travel-Related Surveys in COVID-19Lu, W., Li, X., Liu, J., Jones, S., Parrish, A.2021-01
Texas Vehicle InspectionFisher, J., Jordan, G., Mozayen, B., Polunsky, S.2019-03
Texting While Driving Laws in SEC StatesTransportation Policy Research Center2019-06
The Combined Effects of Sr Additions and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Pressure Die Cast A383 AlloyBrewer, L.N.2019-04
The effect of solutionizing and artificial aging on the microstructure and mechanical properties in solid-state additive manufacturing of precipitation hardened Al–Mg–Si alloyBeck, S., Rutherford, B., Avery, D., Phillips, B., Rao, H., Rekha, M., Brewer, L., Allison, P., & Jordon, J.2021-07
The Highest Level View of Traffic Safety Issues in AlabamaBrown, D.B., Norris, J.2019-05
The Long-Run Effects of Oil Wealth on Development: Evidence from Petroleum GeologyCassidy, T.2019-05
The Theoretical Concept and Method System of Traffic Congestion Control of Urban Road Network with Intelligent Transportation SystemsLiu, L., Gao, C., Mao, J., Lu, W., Chen, Y.2018-12
Threshold Division of Urban Road Network Traffic State Based on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram and K-Means ClusteringDai, Y., Lu, W., Huang, H., Liu, L.2018-12
Towards Detection of Abnormal Vehicle Behavior Using Traffic CamerasWang, C. Musaev, A., Sheinidashtegol, P., Atkison, T.2018-12
Towards dynamic tension-compression asymmetry and deformation mechanisms in magnesiumC. Kale, S. Turnage, D.Z. Avery, H. El Kadiri, J.B. Jordon, K.N. Solanki2019-06
Traffic Safety Effectiveness of Additional State Troopers in AlabamaSteil, D., Brown, D. B.2011-05
Trajectory-Based Signal Control in Mixed Connected Vehicle EnvironmentsTalukder, M.A.S, Lidbe, A., Tedla, E., Hainen, A., Atkinson, T.2021-05
Transportation Cybersecurity IncidentsCallahan, J.2019-10
Travel time, reliability, additional trip time, willingness to pay and their values by socio-economic factorsPulugurtha, S. S., Penmetsa, P., Duddu, V.R.2019-11
Two-phase optimization model for ride-sharing with transfers in short-notice evacuations.Lu, W., Liu, L., Wang, F., Zhou, X., Hu, G2020-02
Unintended Consequences of Automobility – Will Autonomous Vehicles be any Different?Adanu, E.K., Jones, S.2019-06
Urban traffic travel time short-term prediction model based on spatio-temporal feature extractionKang, L., Hu, G., Huang, H., Lu, W., Liu, L.2020-08
Valence state transformation of Rh on CeO2NR/g-Al2O3 composite supportWang, Y., Liu, Z., Wang, R.2018-12
Vehicle and Driver At-Fault ComparisonsBrown, D.B., Smith, R.2017-11
Vehicle Defect IMPACT AnalysisBrown, D. B.2017-11
What can open access data from India tell us about road safety and sustainable development?Jones, S., Lidbe, A., Hainen, A.2019-08
Work Zone AnalysisBrown, D. B.2014-03
Worker health and well-being in the gigeconomy: A proposed framework and research agendaKeith, M., Harms, P.D., Long, A.2020-08
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