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2022 TRB Presentations

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides leadership in transportation improvements and innovation through trusted, timely, impartial, and evidence-based information exchange, research, and advice regarding all modes of transportation. For example, committees, researchers, and staff are currently focused on advancing resilient infrastructure, exploring transformational technology, and caring for the public’s health and safety. The TRB Annual Meeting is the largest global gathering of transportation professionals and researchers with a focus on innovative solutions for all modes of transportation.

The TRB’s 101st Annual Meeting will be held in person January 9–13, 2022 in Washington, D.C. The event is expected to attract thousands of transportation professionals from around the world.

This year’s meeting program covers all transportation modes, with sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions.

A number of sessions and workshops focus on the spotlight theme for the 2022 meeting: Innovating an Equitable, Resilient, Sustainable, and Safe Transportation System. 

ATI is a bronze sponsor of this year’s meeting and researchers from the Alabama Transportation Institute will have a strong presence at the 2022 conference in presentations and poster sessions.

ATI researchers also participate heavily in TRB Standing Committees. Almost all serve as a member or friend on several of the various committees. 

Find information on specific event dates and times and read abstracts for each paper by searching the corresponding event number in the TRB 2022 Online Program.

Paper TitleAuthors
(bold = ATI author)
EventEvent #
Machine Learning Based Real-Time Prediction of Freeway Crash Risk Using Crowdsourced Probe Vehicle DataZihe Zhang, Qifan Nie, Jun Liu, Alex Hainen, Naima Islam, Chenxuan YangIntelligent Transportation Systems 2022, Part 2 1264
A Deep Clustering Framework to Characterize Road Environments based on Street View ImageryXing Fu, Jun Liu, Alex Hainen, Steven Jones, Asad J. KhattakResearch on Artificial Intelligence and Advancing Computing Applications1415
From the Past to the Future: Modeling the Temporal Instability of Safety Performance FunctionsXing Fu, Jun Liu, Steven Jones, Timothy Barnett, Asad J. KhattakSafety Performance and Strategies1304
Bored Driving and Crash Environments: A Machine Learning ApproachChenxuan Yang, Jun Liu, Zihe Zhang, Steven JonesHuman Factors of Vehicles1263
Graph properties of road networks and vehicle miles traveled: A study of 486 urbanized areas in the United StatesJun Liu, Xing Fu, Zihe Zhang, Chenxuan Yang, Qifan Nie, Steven JonesPlanning for Accessible, Equitable Cities1097
Measuring Accessibility of Movement Challenged Persons During Earthquake Evacuation: A Case Study of Dhaka, BangladeshMd Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya, Wanyun Shao, Steven Jones, Joe WeberUrban Mobility Patterns, Accessibility, and Road Safety in Developing Countries1279
Proposed Framework for a Comprehensive Accessibility Measures for Movement Challenged PersonsMd Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya, Wanyun Shao,
Steven Jones
Moving from Research to Practice: New Findings for Older Adults and People with Disabilities1149
Integrating machine learning into path analysis for quantifying behavioral pathways in bicycle-motor vehicle crashesWeike Lu, Jun Liu, Xing Fu, Jidong Yang,
Steven Jones
Advances in Understanding About Bicycle Safety, Modeling, and Behavior1177
Multi-Agent Transmission Model of COVID-19 in Coach BusChen Guoqiang, Weike Lu, Yuting Chen, Jiannan Mao, Hao Huang, Lan LiuPractices and Tools for Improving Demand Response, Intercity Bus, and Paratransit1258
Exploring the Spatial-temporal Anomalies in Urban Traffic Speed DataJiannan Mao, Hao Huang, Yuting Chen, Weike Lu,
Shunyu Yao, Lan Liu
Information Systems and Technology1342
A Quasi-contagion Process Modelling and Characteristic Analysis for Real-world Urban Traffic Network Congestion PatternsYuting Chen, Jiannan Mao, Hao Huang, Weike Lu, Qipeng Yan, Lan LiuNetwork Design Under Equilibrium1307
Research on Route Hierarchical Control Strategy from The Perspective of Macroscopic Traffic NetworkLeilei Kang, Weike Lu, Lan LiuTraffic Simulation 2022, Part 1 1179
SGDE-S2S: A Novel Graph-based Short-term Traffic Prediction Model with Spatial Graph RepresentationJiannan Mao, Hao Huang, Yuting Chen, Weike Lu,
Chen Guoqiang, Lan Liu
Research on Artificial Intelligence and Advancing Computing Applications1415
A hybrid dynamic propagation graph attention network with multivariate empirical mode decomposition for multistep network-wide passenger flow predictionHao Huang, Jiannan Mao, Weike Lu, Lan LiuResearch on Artificial Intelligence and Advancing Computing Applications1415
A Reinforcement Learning Approach for GNSS Spoofing Attack Detection of Autonomous VehiclesSagar Dasgupta, Tonmoy Ghosh, Mizanur RahmanCurrent Research on Geographic Information Systems1057
Risk-based Freeway Lane-Changing Decision-Making Framework for Autonomous Vehicles in Mixed Traffic StreamsWeimin Jin, Mashrur Chowdhury, Mhafuzul Islam, Mizanur RahmanVehicle-Highway Automation1336
Sensing Urban Road Network with Large-scaleShuocheng Guo, Xinwu Qian, Mizanur Rahman, Steven JonesInformation Systems and Technology1332
Do Larger Sample Sizes Increase the Reliability of Traffic Incident Duration Models? A Case Study of East Tennessee IncidentsZihe Zhang, Jun Liu, Xiaobing Li, Asad J. KhattakFreeway Operations 20211071
Relative Safety Assessment for Positioning Children in Vehicles With Varying Levels of Advanced Safety TechnologiesPraveena Penmetsa, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Abhay Lidbe, Xiaobing Li, Shashi Nambisan, Steven JonesOccupant Protection Posters 1131
A Systematic Literature Review of School Transportation and Academic OutcomeLaura Hopson, Abhay Lidbe, Sebrena Jackson, Emmanuel Kofi Adanu, Xiaobing Li, Praveena Penmetsa, Hee Lee, Gloria Meerdink, Charity ObuyaCommunity Resources and Impacts1280
Impact of COVID-19 on paratransit operation: A case study of central AlabamaQifan Nie, Xinwu Qian, Shuocheng Guo, Steven JonesCOVID-19 and More: Examinations of Intercity, Rural Public, and Paratransit Bus Today1107
Optimal operation of the paratransit in small urban area during COVID-19 pandemic: risk assessment and exposure mitigationShuocheng Guo, Weike Lu, Xinwu QianCOVID-19 and More: Examinations of Intercity, Rural Public, and Paratransit Bus Today1107
Understanding charging dynamics of fully electrified taxi services using large-scale trajectory dataTian Lei, Shuocheng Guo, Xinwu Qian, Lei GongHard to Electrify Transportation Applications and Other Considerations1050
Sensing Urban Road Network with Large-scale Ridesourcing VehiclesShuocheng Guo, Xinwu Qian, Mizanur Rahman, Steven JonesInformation Systems and Technology1342
Impacts of property walking accessibility on second-hand property price and rent: Evidence From Shanghai, ChinaZiqi Yang, Xinghua li, Yuntao Guo, Xinwu Qian, Wei WangAccess, Development, and the Economy1281
Localizing Safety Performance FunctionsZihe Zhang, Jun Liu, Steven Jones, Timothy BarnettACS10 Research Hot Topic Contest (Convention Center, Room 102)
Simulation of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (CAV) on Freeway EnvironmentsJun LiuACP20 2022 Subcommittee Annual Meeting (Convention Center, Room 103)
Bike or Not to Bike: Exploring the Influence of Socio-Demographic and Latent Perception of the Built Environment on Choosing Bicycle for Commuting and Non-Commuting TripsHossain Mohiuddin, Shaila Jamal, Md Musfiqur Rahman BhuiyaAdvances in Understanding About Bicycle Safety, Modeling, and Behavior1177