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2021 TRB Presentations

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides leadership in transportation improvements and innovation through trusted, timely, impartial, and evidence-based information exchange, research, and advice regarding all modes of transportation. For example, committees, researchers, and staff are currently focused on advancing resilient infrastructure, exploring transformational technology, and caring for the public’s health and safety.

The TRB Annual Meeting is the largest global gathering of transportation professionals and researchers with a focus on innovative solutions for all modes of transportation.

Every January, transportation researchers from around the world gather in Washington, D.C. for this premier transportation conference. More than 14,000 policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions attended the 99th Annual Meeting in January 2020 to discover the latest innovations. Twenty twenty-one was different in that it was an all virtual event due to the worldwide COVID pandemic. 

Researchers from the Alabama Transportation Institute exhibited a strong presence at the 2021 conference. ATI researchers were involved in 26 separate presentations. 

ATI researchers also participate heavily in TRB Standing Committees. Almost all serve as a member or friend on several of the various committees. 

Find further details and abstracts for each paper by searching the corresponding event number in the TRB 2021 Online Program.

Paper titleAuthors
(bold = ATI author)
EventEvent number
Do Larger Sample Sizes Increase the Reliability of Traffic Incident Duration Models? A Case Study of East Tennessee IncidentsZihe Zhang, Jun Liu, Xiaobing Li, Asad J. KhattakFreeway Operations 20211071
A Pure Linear Programming Approach to Estimate the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams of Urban NetworksWeike Lu, Jun Liu, Guojing Hu, Allen Parrish, Alexander HainenTraffic Flow Theory and Characteristics, Part 2: Recent Advances for Network Modeling and Control for Multimodal Systems1100
Qualifying the Driving Environment Dynamics from the View of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs): Inspiration for Qualitatively Defining Operational Design Domains (ODDs)Xing Fu, Jun Liu, Alexander Hainen, Asad KhattakVehicle-Highway Automation 2021, Part 11155
An Integrated Spatiotemporal Analysis of Emergency Medical Service Response Characteristics for Stroke Events Across AlabamaXiaobing Li, Qinglin Hu, Abbey GreggEmergency Response, Incident Management, and Public Health1183
Preparing Data For Microsimulation Of Smart Transport Systems: A Tool For Exploiting Existing Travel Model Results And Open-Source DataJun Liu, Kara KockelmanAdvances in Travel Behavior Research1203
The Role of Truckers’ Behaviors in Traffic Crashes: An Integrated Spatio-temporal Injury Severity AnalysisXiaobing Li, Jun Liu, Qifan Nie, Xing Fu, Shashi Nambisan, Asad KhattakTruck and Bus Safety Research1249
Analysis and Comparison Between Crash- and Health-based Emergency Medical Service Response across AlabamaXiaobing Li, Qinglin Hu, Abbey GreggEmergency Response, Incident Management, and Public Health1183
Context-based Crash Modification Factors for Medians on Rural Four-Lane Roadways: A Bayesian ApproachXiaobing Li, Jun Liu, Chenxuan Yang, Timothy BarnettSafety Performance and Analysis, Act 3: Evaluations, SPFs, and CMFs1295
Child Car Seats in TNC Vehicles: What Do State Laws Say?Olga Bredikhina, Sanaa Rafique, Justin Fisher, Praveena Penmetsa, Melissa Wheeler, Xiaobing Li, Steven PolunskyUrban Mobility Safety and the Law1297
Localized Safety Performance Functions for Rural 3-Leg Stop-Controlled Intersections in AlabamaZihe Zhang, Xiaobing Li, Jun Liu, Xing Fu, Chenxuan Yang, Steven JonesSafety Performance and Analysis, Act 3: Evaluations, SPFs, and CMFs1295
A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Motorcyclist Injury Severity: Implications from 20 Years’ Traffic Crashes in PennsylvaniaXiaobing Li, Jun Liu, Zihe Zhang, Allen ParrishTransportation Safety Management Systems from Start to Finish1304
Tracking a Shared Low-Speed Light-Weight Autonomous Mobility (SLLAM) System on Continuous Pedestrian Access Routes: A case study in Tuscaloosa, AlabamaZihe Zhang, Jun Liu, Qifan Nie, Steven JonesTraffic Simulation 2021, Part 11303
A Low-Cost Approach to Identify Hazard Curvature for Local Road Networks Using Open-Source DataQinglin Hu, Xiaobing Li, Jun LiuTransportation Safety Management Systems from Start to Finish1304
Analysis of Emergency Incidents Regarding Natural Gas Distribution PipelinesPraveena Penmetsa, Md Abu Sufian Talukder, Naima Islam, Emmanuel Adanu, Xiaobing Li, Kristopher Harbin, Alexander HainenCurrent Research in Hazardous Materials Transportation1337
Spatiotemporal Instability in Injury Severity Analysis of Red-light Running Crashes at Signalized IntersectionsXiaobing Li, Jun LiuEnforcement Design, Safety, and Reporting1390
Severity of Emergency Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Incidents: Application of An Integrated Spatiotemporal Approach Fused with Text MiningXiaobing Li, Praveena Penmetsa, Jun Liu, Alexander Hainen, Shashi NambisanEmerging methods in transportation data analysis1395
Shared Autonomous Vehicles for Small Urban Areas: Agent-based SimulationQifan Nie, Zihe Zhang, Jun Liu, Steven JonesEmerging and Future Mobility1396
How Do College Students Perceive Future Shared Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles? A Survey of The University of Alabama StudentsXing Fu, Qifan Nie, Jun Liu, Steven JonesEmerging and Future Mobility1396
Planning Airways for Urban Air Mobility in Small Cities: A Case Study of Tuscaloosa, AlabamaChenxuan Yang, Weike Lu, Jun Liu, Ismael JonesCurrent Issues in Urban Air Mobility (UAM)1441
Survey of Surveys (SoS) – Mapping the Landscape of Travel-Related Surveys in COVID-19Weike Lu, Xiaobing Li, Jun Liu, Steven Jones, Allen ParrishInnovations in Travel Survey Methods1448
Designing and Implementing Dynamic Modulus Models of Asphalt MixturesJavilla Barugahare, Armen Amirkhanian, Serji AmirkhanianEvaluation, Performance and Durability of Asphalt Mixtures1222
Development and Evaluation of a Weighted Delay-Based Signal Control Algorithm for Connected and Non-Connected VehiclesMd Abu Sufian Talukder, Abhay Lidbe, Elsa Tedla, Alex Hainen, Travis AtkinsonSignal Control for Connected and Automated Vehicle Environments1302
Mesoscopic simulation method for evaluating the capacity of railway passenger stationsYixiang Yue, Mingxuan Zhong, Deyi Li, Mingxin Li, Ardershir Faghri, Silvana V CroopeCurrent Research in Passenger Rail Transportation1452
Prediction-based GNSS Spoofing Attack Detection For Autonomous VehiclesSagar Dasgupta, Mizanur Rahman, Mhafuzul Islam, Mashrur ChowdhuryConnected and Automated Vehicle Technology Security Vulnerabilities And Risk Measurement1371
Real-time Ridesharing for Transportation Hubs with Demand and Supply UncertaintyZengxiang Lei, Xinwu Qian, Xiaowei Chen, Satish UkkusuriTraffic Flow Theory and Characteristics, Part 2: Recent Advances for Network Modeling and Control for Multimodal Systems1100
Modeling disease spreading with adaptive behavior considering local and global information disseminationXinwu Qian, Jiawei Xue, Satish UkkusuriRoute Choice Behavior and Resilient Networks1270