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Research Themes

Digital Transportation

Modern transportation both generates and relies on a large amount of data. These are the operational requirements for providing accessibility and mobility along with the development of smart, connected communities. ATI is embracing the challenge and opportunity of the new data-driven transportation paradigm by cultivating and supporting expertise in the efficient and secure collection, storage, and analysis of transportation-derived data.

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Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure

As communications technologies continue to pervade human life and civil society, the physical components of the transportation system will continue to be increasingly connected to each other. ATI is leading research, in the laboratory and in the field, to design and test the latest equipment and protocols that will be necessary to realize the full potential of these new transportation technologies.

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Transportation Safety, Security and Accessibility

Access to safe and secure transportation is foundational to an economically dynamic and socially inclusive society. ATI has fostered an interdisciplinary research portfolio aimed at enhancing the quality of life by connecting individuals, communities, and economies by a highly functional transportation system that balances the mandate to provide cost-effective, efficient solutions with the needs of the full range of potential system users.

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Electric Vehicles and Fuel Economy

In recognition of the finite supply, security challenges, and environmental consequences associated with fossil fuel consumption, the world has begun preparing for a global shift in how transportation will be powered in the future. Through rigorous, academic research in partnership with a range of industry and governmental stakeholders, ATI is at the forefront of designing the next generation of electric vehicles and the infrastructure necessary to integrate them into the transportation system.

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Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

Functional transportation infrastructure is the foundation of vibrant communities and economies. ATI facilitates both basic and applied research into new materials, designs, as well as construction and maintenance techniques to enhance the sustainability and resiliency of surface transportation infrastructure.

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