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ATI sends out monthly newsletters that detail the progress we are making across the state. These can include but are not limited to information about research opportunities, current projects, and our accomplished staff. You can also view the previous editions of the newsletter below.

September 2021 Newsletter

  • Josh Bittle Appointed as Associate Director of Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies: The Center for Advanced Vehicle Technology (CAVT) has a new Associate Director, Dr. Josh Bittle, and we are excited to work with this long-time affiliate in a leadership role.
  • State-of-the-Art Camera Detection Systems Installed on US-82 in Northport: Dr. Alexander Hainen along with his graduate research assistants aided in the installation and configuration of advanced radar and camera detection systems and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (CV2X) radio communication technologies at three intersections along US-82 in Northport.
  • UA Crimson Autonomous Racing Team to Compete in Indy Autonomous Challenge: The Crimson Autonomous Racing (CAR) team has joined forces with Politecnico di Milano (Italy) to compete as the PoliMOVE Team in the Indy Autonomous Challenge. PoliMOVE is a leading contender of the ten remaining teams in the challenge.
  • CAVT Executive Director Giving Keynote Address at the Southern Automotive Conference: Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies (CAVT) Executive Director Dr. Bharat Balasubramanian will give the Southern Automotive Conference (Birmingham, AL – October 13-15, 2021) keynote address titled “The End Game –Silicon Valley versus Automotive OEMs”. CAVT is a platinum sponsor of the event and an ATI affiliated center.