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ATI routinely attends, sponsors, organizes, exhibits, and presents at transportation-related conferences in the US and internationally. A select list of those events is below.

October 13-15, 2021
Southern Automotive Conference 2021

Hosted by the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association in Birmingham, AL. ATI affiliated Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies (CAVT) is a platinum sponsor of the event. CAVT Executive Director Dr. Bharat Balasubramanian will give the keynote address. SAC hosts top level content and discussion, introducing and exploring the latest innovations and issues related to automotive manufacturing. It brings together key industries including manufacturing, safety, logistics, government, and energy as they relate to automotive manufacturing. SAC is expected to attract 1,200 attendees and feature 200+ exhibitors. 

October 26-28, 2021
Alabama Road Safety Conference

The 8th Annual Alabama Road Safety Conference is scheduled to be held at the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa in Florence, Alabama. The anticipated attendance is over 150 participants which typically includes federal and state highway personnel, county and city engineers, consultants, and university faculty members. The Alabama Road Safety Conference is designed to strengthen the knowledge of available tools, countermeasures, and processes to improve roadway safety within your jurisdiction.

November 15-18, 2021
Gulf Region ITS 2021 Annual Meeting

The Gulf Region ITS (GRITS) Chapter is a chapter of ITS America that includes the geographic area of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Gulf Region ITS serves as a mechanism to facilitate communication and coordination among its members; ITS America; and other governmental, academic, and private institutions, and associations. GRITS overall goal is to provide government, academic agencies, and the private sector with improved access to advanced transportation technology to meet the demands place on highways, public transportation, and interfaces with air, rail, and other modes of transportation. One of the primary methods of information exchange is through the annual GRITS conference.

December 7-10, 2021
ITS America 2021 Annual Meeting

The conference program will explore topics such as connected and automated technologies, equity and accessibility, innovative uses of big data, pandemic impact on transportation, supply chain and logistics, security, and more.

December 15-18, 2021
2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2021

Cloud Computing for Big Transportation Data

Transportation systems are being connected like never before imagined. Vast amounts of data, which retain the 5V (volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value) characteristics of big data, will be transmitted from diverse sources across connected transportation systems. Cloud computing platforms provide an extensive computing infrastructure and a wide array of services that are highly available, accessible, and scalable. These platforms exhibit considerable potential for big data management tasks, such as processing, transmitting, and archiving both real-time and archival data. The goal of the workshop is to bring together diverse research communities that apply cloud computing for big transportation data in the rapidly evolving connected and automated transportation domain. This workshop provides a forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government to present their latest research findings in emerging areas of cloud computing for big transportation data.

January 9-13, 2022
Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 101st Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. The event is expected to attract thousands of transportation professionals from around the world. The meeting program covers all transportation modes, with sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. A number of sessions and workshops focus on the spotlight theme for the 2022 meeting: Innovating an Equitable, Resilient, Sustainable, and Safe Transportation System.

February 9-10, 2022
Alabama Transportation Conference

This will be the 65th Annual Alabama Transportation Conference. This annual event provides an opportunity to share innovative advances in transportation planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. Technical sessions create a forum for the exchange of ideas among transportation professionals. 

May 17-18, 2022
Southeast Commercial Vehicle Safety Research Summit

Best Practices for Advancing Safety through Partnerships with Universities

The Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) is pleased to host the Southeast CMV Summit. The summit will bring together government, industry, and research personnel who have interests in CMV traffic safety with the goal of heavy interaction among university researchers, personnel from government and private agencies, law enforcement, and CMV industry representatives.

August 7-10, 2022
Association of Transportation Safety Information Professionals

2022 Traffic Records Forum

This event is for data analysts, state and local law enforcement officials, engineers, motor vehicle officials, emergency medical services providers, judicial administrators, and highway safety professionals from across the United States and international communities. Attendees can participate in sessions for the latest safety data collection methods and best practices.