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Greensboro Middle School competes in the prestigious 2024 Future City Competition

January 22, 2024

The Erudite Society STEM team at Greensboro Middle School (GMS) will compete in the prestigious 2023-2024 Future City Competition at Auburn University this Saturday, January 20th. Led by Hope Drummonds-Whiteside, Ph.D., STEM Education Research Specialist at ATI, this is the first-ever STEM team formed at GMS and the first team from Hale County participating in the national event. Described as the ultimate STEM competition, the FutureCity competition is known for its emphasis on engineering and problem-solving skills, providing a platform for middle school students to envision the cities of the future. This year’s challenge asks students to construct a 100% electrically powered city, generating energy from sources that prioritize citizen and environmental well-being. The GMS Erudite Society STEM team’s participation not only showcases their commitment to STEM education but also positions Hale County on the map in this critical academic arena. This incredible journey is shaped by the expertise of Drs. Bernadette Beavers-Forrest, Ph.D., Joni Lakin, Jaber Abu Qahouq, and Hope Drummonds-Whiteside, Ph.D, along with Mr. Tonnie Drummond from iGrid Solutions, LLC. Their invaluable guidance has prepared the GMS team to meet the challenges of this exciting competition.