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The Alabama Transportation Institute (ATI) will serve as a planning, research and policy resource to advance a 21st century transportation system. ATI will bring together nationally recognized research and development industry professionals seeking innovative solutions to the challenges of building and maintaining a transportation system that provides safety and mobility for Alabama’s citizens, while providing efficient freight movement, stimulating economic growth and conserving energy resources. Better roads and bridges will lead to better jobs for Alabamians throughout our state.

This interdisciplinary Institute will enable Alabama to lead the way on emerging issues like developing creative solutions for financing the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, advancing transportation safety research, and evaluating the impact that a quality transportation system will have on Alabama’s economic future. The Institute will serve as an independent resource that develops unbiased information for use by local, state and national leaders in developing transportation policy. The result will be more informed decision-making that will lead to innovative, data-driven, cost-effective solutions. All of the best minds, under one umbrella with a common purpose, will find better solutions for the future.

Work across campus

Initially, the Institute will embrace the activities of four existing and one emerging research centers at UA:

  • The Transportation Policy Research Center will be dedicated to the development of unbiased information for use in preparing strategic and long-range plans for the state’s complex transportation infrastructure, and for developing important policies to guide decision makers.
  • The Center for Advanced Public Safety is an information technology producer, a systems integrator and a technology research organization with the goal of producing safety data analytics and developing novel roadside reporting, screening and enforcement technologies. Its products are used by Alabama state agencies.
  • The Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies is dedicated to the advancement of vehicle technologies with a major focus on autonomous vehicle technologies.
  • The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure is a focal point for research and development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including mitigating the effects of natural hazards.
  • The University Transportation Center of Alabama has a recognized history of dedication to safety and management of transportation systems.

Other areas on campus with involvement should include:

  • Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research
  • Center for Business and Economic Research